Jan 20, 2014

Why Injured Workers (and their lawyers) Should Care About Unemployment Compensation Changes

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Today's post comes from guest author Thomas Domer, from The Domer Law Firm. Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation in Wisconsin will change substantially in 2014.  For more than 70 years, an employee would only be found ineligible for Unemployment Compensation if he quit a job or was found guilty of “misconduct”.  Misconduct was defined under a [...]

Jul 02, 2012

Overpayment Of Unemployment Due To Payment of Workers’ Compensation Benefits – NOW WHAT?!?

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Today's guest post comes from Kit Case of the Causey Law Firm in Washington State. Injured workers' transition from time loss compensation under their workers'’ compensation claim to unemployment compensation when they are released to return to work but do not have a job available to them. In many cases, disputes arise as to whether [...]

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