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Jan 03, 2013

Injuries Arising Out of Employment – Is the Concept Shrinking?

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Today’s post comes from guest author Tom Domer from The Domer Law Firm.A headline article noted the following: “Virginia Court: Waiter’s choking on quesadilla did not arise out of employment.” The Virginia Court of Appeals ruled a waiter who was injured while working attempting to swallow a piece of quesadilla too big for his esophagus cannot [...]

Nov 07, 2011

The 1911 Triangle Waist Co. – What’s changed since then?

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One hundred and forty six garment workers’ died on March 26, 1911 in a fire that was New York’s deadliest workplace disaster until the attack on the World Trade Center 100 years later. Fire doors were locked. Trapped workers’ either jumped to their deaths from the 9th and 10th floors, or were consumed by the [...]

Oct 27, 2011

Hot Coffee: A New Documentary Exposes the Lie of Tort Reform

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  Have you heard the story about the woman who ordered some hot coffee from McDonald’s, spilled it on her lap, burned herself, and sued McDonald’s for millions of dollars? Ridiculous, right? It’s the poster story for so-called “frivolous law suits.” McDonald’s had already received and ignored over 700 reports that their coffee had burned [...]

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