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Dec 15, 2014

That’s Not Fair!

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Today's post comes from guest author Charlie Domer, from The Domer Law Firm. “That’s not fair!”  I continually receive this response when I tell an injured worker that they cannot sue their employer based on their work injury and its effects.  Despite the media barrage many workers' equate worker’s compensation with personal injury law.  The [...]

Aug 21, 2014

Florida Employers May Lose Their Limited Liability/Exclusive Remedy Defense

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“Decimated.” That is the word the Honorable Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto used to describe what’s left of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act after a series of reforms, notably in 2003, which attacked injured workers'’ rights and benefits. After 2003 Florida became one of the most restrictive workers'’ compensation jurisdictions in the nation. As it currently [...]

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