Mar 24, 2016

Insult to Injury: ProPublica’s Series “Demolition of Workers’ Compensation” Focuses on Ongoing Workers’ Comp Woes Faced by Injured Workers Nationally

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Recent years have not been favorable to injured workers'. States across the nation have enacted “reform” measures curbing injured workers' benefits. Disability caps have been introduced, medical care restricted. In our last blog, we discussed Oklahoma’s Opt Out provisions as an example of the court system declaring that the legislature had legislated away too much [...]

Mar 04, 2016

Oklahoma Commission Says Workers’ Comp “Opt Out” Not OK

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Ever since Oklahoma employers were allowed to “opt out” of the workers'’ compensation system in 2013, nearly 60 big employers have chosen the “opt out” path. By opting out, these large corporations (like Wal-Mart and Big Lots) are no longer constrained by the requirements of the Oklahoma State workers'’ compensation laws. Instead they are allowed [...]

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