Mar 11, 2019

Cannabidiol: The New Aspirin for Workers’ Comp Patients?

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Today's post comes from Kristina Thompson at the Jernigan Law Firm. Cannabidiol: The New Aspirin? Recently a doctor suggested to one of my clients that cannabidiol (CBD) might provide a pain management option for his neck pain. It’s a first (for me) to see CBD oil in a client’s medical records as a potential [...]

Aug 08, 2016

Kratom for Pain Relief? What’s that?

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Mitragyna speciosa, aka “kratom,” is a tropical plant in the coffee family, native to Southeast Asia, historically used in Thailand for its medicinal qualities. Thailand banned kratom in 1943 due to abuse and now North Carolina, among other states, is seeking to set limits on the drug too.   What’s the concern about kratom? According [...]

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