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Apr 01, 2019

Firefighters are at an Increased Risk of Many Types of Cancer – But what does workers’ comp cover?

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Today's post comes from Kristina Thompson at the Jernigan Law Firm. Firefighters are at an Increased Risk of Many Types of Cancer Seth Tinsley, a Charlotte firefighter of 11 years, died at the age of 34 as a result of brain cancer. He was diagnosed at the age of 29. His name is recognized [...]

Nov 18, 2016

Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Not a “Countable Resource” for North Carolina Medicare Eligibility

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Earlier this week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued an opinion that will improve the lives of many injured workers' who need Medicaid assistance after sustaining a work-related injury.  In the case of Phoebe Williford v. N.C. Dep’t of Health and Human Services and N.C. Division of Medical Assistance, the Court held that assets [...]

Aug 29, 2016

North Carolina Labor Commissioner Race

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North Carolina needs a Commissioner of Labor who is fair to workers'. Certainly cooperation between employers and employees is key. However, when thousands of workers' are not being paid their duly-earned wages, we have a problem.   In 2014, the News & Observer published an article entitled “For Many Workers Cheated out of Wages, NC [...]

May 14, 2015

What is Legal Aid and Who Does It Help?

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Legal Aid (LANC) is a non-profit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income North Carolina residents. LANC has 24 offices throughout the state and provides services to residents in all 100 counties. In order to be considered eligible for their services your household income must fall approximately 125% below federal [...]

Aug 05, 2013

Bill’s Bad Provision Would Subject NC Judges To Political Winds

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Today's post comes from guest author Leonard Jernigan, from The Jernigan Law Firm.A wise person once told me: “Don’t worry about doing things right; just do the right thing.” Have you ever wanted to do the right thing but didn’t because you might lose your job? That’s a gut-wrenching tension. Here’s how this tension works [...]

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