Mar 11, 2019

Cannabidiol: The New Aspirin for Workers’ Comp Patients?

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Today's post comes from Kristina Thompson at the Jernigan Law Firm. Cannabidiol: The New Aspirin? Recently a doctor suggested to one of my clients that cannabidiol (CBD) might provide a pain management option for his neck pain. It’s a first (for me) to see CBD oil in a client’s medical records as a potential [...]

Aug 01, 2013

Social Security Disability: Get the evidence you need

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Today’s post comes from guest author Roger Moore from Rehm, Bennett & Moore.Social Security Disability applicants sometimes have trouble getting the evidence needed to demonstrate that they have a disability. PROBLEM 1: You haven’t had regular medical care because you don’t have health insurance. Without regular medical care, it’s difficult to develop a relationship with [...]

Jul 15, 2013

Take Someone to the Doctor with You

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Today's post comes from guest author Jon Rehm from Rehm, Bennett & Moore.Having a work injury is incredibly stressful. Sometimes when a worker is under stress, they won’t understand what a treating doctor is telling them, which leads to frustration and anger on the part of the worker directed toward the doctor. In turn, the [...]