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Nov 08, 2012

NFL Bounties – Intentional Injuries

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NFL players can qualify for workers' compensation benefitsThe injury rate in the NFL is 100 percent. If you stay around long enough you will have multiple injuries. This high “natural” injury rate makes it hard to understand how a team could give awards to players who injure other players, but that's just what the New [...]

Jun 14, 2012

Cell Tower Deaths: More To Come

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On May 22, 2012 the PBS Frontline series ran a devastating story about cell tower deaths in this exploding industry and at the end of the story, after it had revealed how little concern is being shown for the safety of men who climb these towers, one man was quoted as saying "people will die." [...]

May 15, 2012

NFL Concussion Suits Barred by “Exclusive Remedy”? Why can’t I sue my employer?

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Today we have a guest post from our colleague Tom Domer or Wisconsin. We get calls every day from angry injured workers’ who want to sue their employer for negligence. It could be an employer removing a guard on a machine, a foreman ignoring a safety rule, or an injury caused by an employer’s failure [...]

Apr 16, 2012

Toradol And Intentional Injuries To NFL Football Players

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I just returned from a yearly meeting of about 50 workers' compensation lawyers who are approved by the National Football League Players' Association (NFLPA) to represent NFL players in the workers' compensation field.  My firm helps the Carolina Panthers players if they need advice or legal representation in a claim, which are rarely made, but [...]

Mar 08, 2012

Unsafe Workplaces Lead To More Injuries

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  Today’s guest post comes to us from Tom Domer of Wisconsin. The connection between unsafe workplaces and the increased frequency of work injuries seems like a no brainer. A study released by NCCI Holdings indicated worker’s compensation claims rose by 3% during 2010 (the first rise in frequency in over a dozen years). The [...]

Jan 30, 2012

These Things Don’t Have To Happen: Metal Plant Receives $51K Fine After Employee Is Burned

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A recent blog post (below) by Jon Gelman about OSHA violations at the Anthony River, Inc plant is another example of why we need to change the lax culture of safely compliance in America. It’s human nature to pick out articles in newspapers, magazines and on-line that interest you, and when I see articles about [...]

Jan 23, 2012

Imagining A World With No Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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On January 13, the North Carolina Department of Labor announced that 53 people died on the job in North Carolina in 2011. Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry was quoted as saying: “the real tragedy is that all of the these fatalities could have been avoided.” I wholeheartedly agree. 53 deaths is 53 too many. When I see news [...]

Dec 23, 2011

3 Keys To A Safe Holiday – A Last Minute Decorating Checklist

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We normally focus on workplace safety, but during the holidays, many of our readers will spend time at home with their families. Holiday decorations are an important tradition, but these decorations, both new and old, can turn a festive holiday into a dangerous one. These important tips will show you how to make your holiday [...]

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